The Goods Gallery

The Goods Aluminum Design Gallery celebrates the story and styling of Mirro Aluminum. A collection of over 200 unique items encompassing more than a century of design and manufacturing expertise illustrate how the Mirro Aluminum Company shaped American culture and industrial design. The Goods Gallery debuted in the Kavarna Coffeehouse Leap Room on April 21-23, 2017. 

This exhibition began as a personal research project born out of my love of local history and design. Over a year of collecting and preservation work culminated into a gallery worthy of public display. Each artifact in my collection was documented and carefully selected to appear in one of 9 displays that were designed to tell the story of Mirro. 

Along with the displays themselves, I created accompanying posters to promote the event, as well as the large sign above which welcomed visitors to the gallery. Souvenir postcards were made available to visitors, each hand stamped with authentic Mirro print blocks and designed to compliment the signage used throughout the gallery. 

Much interest has been expressed in future showings of the gallery, including a display in Mirro's hometown of Manitowoc.