The 12 Days Of Animation was a challenge I undertook to refine my skills in Adobe After Effects. In the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day, I completed a themed animation from start to finish, trying to experiment with a different art style in each one. 

"Atmospheric Alley" and "Desert Diner" are two scenes created as a style exploration in Cinema 4D. 

Rather than trying to build a photorealistic render, my goal was to create a mood using a restricted color palette and subtle animations. 

"The Modern American Look" builds upon the same principles but also tackles the challenge of recreating the look and feel of 16mm film footage and old television ads. 

"Desert Scene" was my first attempt at animation and detailed modeling  in Cinema 4D. Building an animation from start to finish helped me learn a new piece of software in a very brief amount of time. 

"Pour Me A Glass" and "Emergency Light" loops are the results of continuous exploration in After Effects. In these experiments I focused on frame-by-frame animation and combining techniques in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects that I can apply to production work. 


"ARKit Motion" is a test animation I made to teach myself object dynamics in Cinema 4D. The visual style is based upon the iconography created by Apple for their new ARKit platform.